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Fight off the Undead and Win Prizes: The Enemy Competition

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Zombies! It seems that even though they aren’t here (yet), they definitely seem to be everywhere. Films, television, games you name it, now you can even take up a paint-balling event that trains you to deal with the inevitable apocalypse, believe me people, it’s coming.

Film and TV directors are the ones that are training us, all this coverage of zombies in the world is just the thing to kick start your brain to deal with this imminent doomsday event. So, do have you any extra life saving tips to share with the world? Penguin publishers have teamed up with the BFI and are running a competition to promote the forthcoming book, The Fallen in the fantastic book series, The Enemy by Charlie Higson.

All you have to do is film a 30 second trailer for the book. It doesn’t matter if you have the latest high-tec equipment or just your camera phone, “the more imagination … and plenty of gore, the better,” the author himself says so.

What can I say about the prizes… Wow, is a good one, you’re looking at:

●A BFI membership (worth £40)
●An invitation +1 to meet the ex Fast Show performer, Charlie Higson himself and see
their trailer on the Silver Screen at BFI HQ on 7 September 2013
●A personalised and signed set of The Enemy series
●A £350 voucher to spend at or
●And, most importantly, a money-can’t-buy mentoring experience with
and the BFI to help improve your film-making skills and get invaluable feedback.

Entrants can be any age. The deadline is midnight on 23 August 2013.Sign up and fight off the ravenous horde (zombies and entrants alike) to claim your prize. Full terms and conditions can be found on the website.


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