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Ellen Winter: Enthusiastic Curious Open

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A songwriter since age four, Ellen Winter is a creative soul unlike any other. She views music as a type of storytelling, a way to artistically and inherently express every feeling and impulse. With style similar to that of Regina Spektor but a sound all her own, Ellen’s music and extremely powerful voice have the ability to draw out emotion from even the deepest hiding places.

She has some songs that are ‘whimsical and wacky’ drawing inspiration from ‘literally everything’ including but not limited to folk tales, her dogs, misadventures and zombies, while other songs bear depth that she says strip her ‘naked to [her] bones.’  Not only is Ellen a full time composition student, but she also co-founded and runs the Songwriters Collective at her university and fosters her passion for all of the arts by participating in and teaching theatre to local children on the weekends.

Even with a plate as full as Ellen’s she is always sure to make time for music because she would ‘probably lose the will to live’ if she couldn’t.  In the next year she hopes to write the film score for a web series she is involved with, and possibly start up a band with some people she has been making music with recently.

Check out a web series called ‘Orange Juice in Bishop Gardens’ featuring both Ellen and her music here.

Words: Joni Agronin

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