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Dontee Weaver Shares his Experience

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Dontee Weaver talks about his music


Dontee Devon Weaver an independent recording artist, songwriter and rapper from South Central Los Angeles talks to Youth Arts Online about his music experience. The 29 year old gained interest in music at the age of 18 he said, “besides being a rapper I wanted the know the in’s and out’s of the game, so that when my shot came, I would make the best decisions that would benefit my career.”

Dontee found his start in the music industry as he was always good at getting his point across on paper in a lyrical form. Later he tried something new and started writing rap music. “Before rap lyrics I wrote a few poems that I would read to people every now and then. My writing went to another level the more I wrote, at the time all I had was instrumentals from artist that were already established.”

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“Writing became a day to day thing when I used to sit in studio sessions with my god brother Texacal…” Dontee would be inspired to write his own verses to the music being recorded in the studio around him. “People would see in the studio and ask if I rapped or if I would spit freestyles when in cyphers usually popped off when a group of MC’s were in the same room, and that’s when I start making a name for myself in the industry.”

“I haven’t placed any songs, but I have written songs with people in mind like Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Dr.Dre, Snoop Dogg, and a lot of others. So if they are reading this or any one of there reps, holla at me. Nonetheless, I have had the chance to write and work close with Mario ‘Texaca’ James, Belle Johnson, and Abraham McDonald, which are a few of the dopest artist/songwriters on the rise. They range from The Backstreet Boys to Christina Aguilera to Miley Cyrus and even Oprah Winfrey, so working with gifted people that notice my gift, I feel confident saying that I’m in the right circles and on path to creating hits.”

The messages that Dontee gives out in his music is about lifetime experiences.  “My music sends out life at a particular moment, rather it be my past, present, or something I see happening in the future. I capture the feeling of a moment and tell a story. So when you listen to my music or songs that I have written you can expect everything so from the things that make you smile to the things that make you cry. But at the end of the day I feel people can relate to me, even if it’s only one line that I say.”

Dontee’s future ambitions are to create timeless music. “Making enough music and impact so that my legacy lives long after I’m gone. I would be good to see my works on Billboard charts and get some plaques and awards to hang on the wall. All of the shiny things will come later, at this point I want to record more original music, collaborate with some upcoming and well-known artist and create classics.”

Dontee’s advice that he will give to beginners is not to give up and keep working hard until you have achieved your goal. “Don’t give up! Keep working hard even when it feels like things won’t work out, because success doesn’t usually come easy. And have fun! Things tend to be less stressful when you actually enjoy doing it. Last but not least, don’t forget that the music industry is a business so continue learning.”

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