Do the Write Thing and Enter this Poetry Competition (FREE ENTRY – £100 REWARD)

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Are you a poet living in UK? Are you wholeheartedly devoted to your craft? Then you must enter this years’ Do the Write Thing poetry competition, for a chance to win £100 and get your poem published in a yearly anthology of United Press.

Do the Write Thing is merely the title of the competition and in no way implies that your submissions must be on a fixed subject – let your imaginations fly free!

Each participant is allowed to submit up to three poems, but if you prefer you can send only one. Either way, it must be original and not have been submitted before. Poems can be no longer than 25 lines (including blank lines) and 160 words each.

Either send your entries via post, to: Untied Press Ltd, Admail 3735, London, EC1B 1JB; email them to [email protected] or [email protected], or enter here.

All entries must be submitted before 31st August 2014.

Good luck!

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