DJ Collective Dutty Girl Fresh From Glasto Talk All Things Dutty

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Beginning as a Bristol club night in 2003 celebrating females in hip hop, Dutty Girl has gone on to become a collective of DJs and have its own fashion store. Recently being featured on the BBC Introducing Stage at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, Youth Arts Online finds out more about the world of Dutty Girl.

Where did the name Dutty Girl come from?

Diss Miss: I had been working in a Jamaican pub in Bristol, the landlord is know as ‘Dutty Ken’ so it stemmed from that. My friend and I had started calling ourselves his Dutty Girls – just for a laugh. I also really liked the concept of taking a word that didn’t really have a positive meaning and turning it on it’s head, the name was a bit alarming to a few people in the beginning! But the word Dutty is pretty commonplace now.

How long have you been on the Bristol clubbing scene?

Sarah B: Well, the whole Dutty Girl thing has been a bit like a movement. We came together as a collective eventually, but originally it was just the club night. We’ve been performing live as a collective for probably 4 or 5 years now but Dutty Girl club nights go back 10 years.

Do you each have a genre specialism or is it mostly a bit of everything and collaboration?

Dazee: I’m a Junglist at heart but now through Dutty Girl I have opened myself up to a lot more genres. Diss Miss and I produce just about anything we feel like, and we try and make the right thing for whatever the vocalists are feeling at that time.

SafeSoul: Diss Miss and I both started with hip hop roots but we both play deep house more than anything right now.

Diss Miss: For me it’s all just about good music and at a club night it’s about giving people what they want in that moment. I want to keep the crowd happy, but that also means playing in the places where the crowd are going to appreciate what we want to play for them!

This year saw you perform at Glastonbury, how were you approached to perform there and what were your personal highlights?

Dazee: It was a fantastic experience! The booking came quite late and we were surprised (and delighted!) to be given a prime time spot on the Thursday night on the BBC Introducing Stage.It wasn’t possible to bring our vocalists for this one so it was just gonna be a DJ set from Diss Miss and I. A fellow Bristolian, and a friend of ours, MC Carasel offered to join us on stage and it really worked well.

Diss Miss: We had an amazing response to our set, so many people turned up… the crowd was so big some of our friends couldn’t even get in to see us! Carasel did us proud, although of course we wished the rest of our girls could have been there too!

How long have you been Djing for Ujima Radio? How were you discovered?

Safe Soul: We were asked to join by their new studio manager Don, about six months ago or so. He had seen Dazee play and had heard about the rest of the collective too. He came to see us at Dutty Bass and asked us to take over a primetime slot on Saturday evenings.

What was it like hosting a radio show for the first time?

Dazee: Although Diss Miss and I had previous experience on the radio, it was definitely a challenge for me as I’d only really mixed and had to get used to talking live on air. Diss Miss was more confident with the talking so for the first few shows I’d let her do most of the work there!

Diss Miss: Luckily we had a few practice runs first in a mock studio, that was pretty comedy! Far more relaxing than the real thing!

Where did the inspiration for your clothing store emerge, do you all work for the business and design?

Diss Miss: I just fell into it really, I’ve always enjoyed customising my own clothing and I’ve also loved vintage clothing, so that just seemed right. Starting the clothing store was also the turning point in my life when I realised I just needed to do what I loved for a living – and that is mainly music and fashion.

What has been the most memorable moment for Dutty Girl?

Klair: We performed on an ITV2 show a few years back. It was in a massive studio, and we had our own dressing room! It was a lot of fun!

Kash Honey: We also performed at Rotterdam Film Festival along with some others from the Bristol music scene, such as DJ Die and the Future Boogie crew. We’d love to perform abroad more!

If you could collaborate with any DJ or Band/Artist who would it be and what would you want to do?

Diss Miss: Oh that’s too hard, too many! Prince, Jay-z, Timbaland, Ms Dynamite, Angel Haze, Neptunes, The Weeknd, Beyonce, Darkchild, Mary J Blige.. any of those would do!

Dazee: And we already do the odd “unofficial” collaboration in the form of a bootleg or two! We’ll be putting more of these up as free downloads on our soundcloud soon!

What goals do you have for Dutty Girl in the future?

Diss Miss: We want to play out in London and around the UK a bit more now. It’s time to get the Dutty name out there in all forms, via the clothing and music. We have new Dutty Tshirt designs coming soon and lots more one off’s available on the website too.

Dazee: We plan to release an EP later in the year and we have some exciting gigs coming up such as the In Motion series where we playing on the ‘Annie Mac Presents’ night. We’d also love to take the full crew to perform abroad.

What advice would you give to aspiring DJs?

Dazee: You have to be prepared to work for it: Hunting down the music, gaining mixing skills, scratching skills, learning about equipment, music production- its not an overnight thing. But if you really want it, stick at it even if it doesn’t seem to come naturally to you.

Diss Miss: It is something you have to be passionate about but don’t take yourself so seriously that you forget that you are there to play music so that people can have fun and shake their asses!

Keep in tune with all the Dutty Girl news by following them on twitter and liking them on facebook. To see their very own fashion store find them on Cheltenham Road, Bristol or visit shopdutty online. Listen to their beats on soundcloud.

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