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Dancing His Way to Fame – Daniel Pegler’s Journey, Thoughts and Ambitions

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From Melbourne, Australia, I introduce you to Daniel Pegler, a 20-year-old talented young man who has one ambition: To Dance. Loving dance since he was extremely young, Daniel has been involved in Australia’s got talent, Billy Elliot and Got to Dance 2012 and since then, has
achieved over 20,000 views on YouTube.

I stumbled across Mr Pegler’s work when I was casually browsing on the comments on a Justin Bieber video (Beauty and the Beat, in case you beliebers were wondering…) when I saw a comment from the Dancer himself, asking to check out his channel. I did and I can safely say that Mr Pegler did not disappoint. Every single dance routine seems to be telling a story and every action is performed with a sharp and polished finality that clearly marks him as a professional as opposed to an amateur.

Now, since it was practically impossible for me to fly out to Australia to speak to Mr Pegler personally (and visa versa of course), we did manage through the wonder of the internet to talk to the man himself finding out the thoughts and ambitions of this soon-to-be-well-known Dancer.

Now, you’re an incredibly talented Dancer, what inspired you to start dancing in the first place?

Well when I was younger I had an uncle who loved music and was always writing music. I’d go over to his house and write music and sing songs with him. Then my uncle bought two tickets for my mum and I to go and see some River Dancing (Irish tap dancing) ever since that day, I
wanted to dance.

How did your passion for dance develop?

My dancing developed in a suburban Dance school where they did Tap, Jazz, Acro and Hip Hop. I was there for about 4-5 years, Then I wanted to develop more skills so I trained at Jason Coleman Ministry of Dance (M.O.D) Where I trained there for 3-4 years.

What were some of the stages you had to go through in order to get this far?

I have always had a dream to become a dancer or a professional Entertainer. I’ve had the passion and determination even though I have been put down and bullied through all my high school years. Because in their eyes, boys don’t dance.

What are you currently working on? Any upcoming projects?

I am currently teaming up with music Producers Matt Dezz and Alex, to make a dance video for the BeyondBlue Fund-raiser, which has been set up to help people who suffer with Depression and Anxiety.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time/in the future? What’s the ultimate dream?

In five years time I’d like to be a back up Dancer for Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, or I’d also like to have my own dance studio. If not, then I’d like to go to the United States and train and to become a better dancer.

How committed do you have to be in such a competitive industry like dance?

In this industry you have to live and breath dance. You need to have the strife and attitude to be able to succeed in this industry, or else, you have no chance.

Is there one thing that you can always rely on when the going gets tough?

I can always rely on my parents. They always give me positive criticism and without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Have you ever thought about quitting when things got too hard?

No I have never thought about quitting, I have always been that person that always wants to try new challenges. My love for it outweighs any difficulties.

What is the greatest challenge for you as a Dancer?

My greatest challenge was when I was apart of a TV Show called Australia’s Got Talent. I had to train everyday to be were I wanted to be in the competition.

Any injuries?

Definitely when I fractured my shoulder. I couldn’t dance for 8 weeks!

Your choreography usually tells a story – it goes well with the words of the song and you tend to show a lot of emotion as a Dancer. Is this intentional and how do you manage to convey that emotion and share that story?

Well when I dance I usually tell a story with my movements. I have never been good at telling someone how I feel inside. So dance is the only way I can express my feelings. Dance is like my second language.

What do you enjoy most about dance?

What I enjoy the most is that I can completely be myself. I can let out all my feelings in dance. Dance makes me feel like I am worth something.

What is the hardest move you have learnt?

The hardest was when I had to practise my back flips. I wanted to get them perfect, you can say I am a perfectionist.

Have you ever performed on stage, and if so, when was your most memorable moment?

My most memorable stage moment was when I was performing at Australia’s Got Talent. 4000 people were watching me dance and I gotta say, that was the best feeling ever!

Favourite song to dance to?

I have many favourite songs to dance to, but my favourite one is Chris Brown’s ‘Forever.’

How often do you train? Where?

I train five days a week including my teaching. I train at Jason Coleman’s ministry of dance.

For all the other young ambitious dancers out there, what advice would you give them?

All I want to say is to never give up, no matter how hard things get, good work always pays off. The harder you push yourself the more you achieve.

Make sure you check out Daniel’s YouTube channel to support him through his journey. Keep track of his latest news and moves by following him on Twitter and Liking him on Facebook.


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