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These shoes were made for dancing: Grace Victoria Newton

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Okay I’ll be blunt I know as much about ballet as I know about where Cheryl Cole buys her bacon sandwiches but I have respect for anyone who pursues their chosen path and fights tooth, nails and elbows to achieve their dreams. Grace Victoria Newton is an up and coming and hugely dedicated, talented young dancer who is also adept at singing.

Grace hails from the other side of the pond, The USA, Texas to be exact. She’s a total early riser in performance as she started dancing at the age of three at the prestigious Chamberlain Ballet Company.

She progressed furthermore in high level standards of dance skills with several diplomas in tap and modern dance.

Grace competed in the All English national dance competition winning gold medals in multiple dance categories. She continued her training at the Janye A. Colemen Academy of Dance.

She has appeared in a hidden camera show for Channel 4 in a comedy sketch for Hip Hop’ Objective Productions with celebrity bating cheeky scamp and funny man Lee Kern.

Grace is now a resident dancer for Warner Leisure as part of the entertainment staff based in Portsmouth, holiday goers can experience her electric moves and elegant feet.

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