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ComicCon’s Cosplayers

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On the weekend of October 25, the MCM Comic Con took place at the Excel Centre in London. The UK’s largest Pop-Culture convention was host to over 70’000 fans, who made the journey to see content from companies such as the BBC, Nintendo and Microsoft and the chance to meet special guests like Doctor Who’s Matt Smith and the new voice of The Joker, Troy Baker.

In addition to these stars, MCM was also a showcase for Britain’s young creative community, with many artists and writers having their own stalls in order to sell their wares, and thousands of Cosplayers roaming the Expo.

For those who may not know, Cosplaying is the act of dressing up as your favourite character from any show, film, comic book, video game or cartoon. Many costumes are created by hand by the players themselves, with the Cosplayers taking great pride in the squeezing every little detail into their costumes.

The sight of so many costumed attendees generates an amazing atmosphere, with the Cosplayers all happy to stop for pictures and discuss their favourite shows.
I managed to attend this year’s convention, and got the time to talk to some of this years Cosplayers.

Doctor Octopus (Spider-Man 2)

2013-10-26 10.11.42

So first of all, what made you choose this character?
I was a big fan of Spider-Man when I was a kid, and when the second Spider-Man movie came out, I just fell in love with Doctor Octopus.

You were a big fan of the Alfred Molina performance?
I love Alfred Molina to bits, and he nailed the character.

Is this your first convention?
I’ve been doing costumes for about 6 years now. I’ve been an Imperial Stormtrooper from Star Wars, that was my main one. Only fairly recently have I got into making my own costumes.

And you made this one yourself?
This is my first big hand made costume.

How long did it take?
About four months, planning and getting all the bits, and one month rushing around and putting it together.

Yojimbo (Final Fantasy)

2013-10-26 10.13.33

What made you choose this costume?
I really liked the character in the game, I like the design, and it looked challenging.

And you made it yourself?
Yeah, every bit of it.

And how long have you been coming to conventions?
About eight years.

Do you make a new costume each year?
Sometimes. This is a rework from last year, but I repainted all of it, and I made the claws look better.

M. Bison (Street Fighter)

2013-10-26 10.31.10

So why M. Bison?
I play as him on Street Fighter 4, all the time, he’s my main. I like to go to conventions as M. Bison, and meet fellow Street Fighter characters!

Where did you get the costume from?
Well, I bought it online, so a bit of a cheat…

Well cheating works, you should know as an M. Bison player…
Yeah, teleport solves everything!

How many conventions have you gone to?
I’ve been going to various conventions for around 5 years.

What’s your favourite thing about the conventions?
The cosplaying! It started off just looking at the different merch and stuff, but now, it’s amazing just looking at all the different costumes. Now I stay here just for the cosplaying, meeting new people, just the whole experience.

Harley Quinn (Batman)

2013-10-26 10.47.32

So what made you go for this costume?
Well I love the character of Harley Quinn, and my friends all say I’m a female Joker any way.

Is this your first convention, or have you been going to many?
This is actually my second.

And did you make it yourself, or buy it?

Half and half actually, I modified the gloves, the chains and the boots.

What do you enjoy most about these conventions?
All different things. I come for the games, the comics, and its nice to be around people who share the same interests.

Zelda and Link (The Legend of Zelda)

2013-10-26 10.59.56

The costumes look great guys, especially as Zelda is one of my favourite games. Did you make them yourselves?
Link: We made it ourselves. I’ve actually had this one for around three years, and i’ve been adding to it each year.

Keeping up to date with the latest games, which have different versions of Link?
Link: No, I keep the same version, but i just make the costume look a bit better each time.
And you both keep adding to your costumes?
Zelda: No, I made mine completely from scratch

Did you cosplay as Zelda last time?
Zelda: Last yeah i went as Rikku from Final Fantasy.

And you go as Link quite often?
Link: For the last few years, yeah.

What’s the best thing about these conventions?
Link: Just the atmosphere, everyone’s having fun, everyone’s dressed up and having a good time.

To see their artwork and more cosplaying, go to facebook, deviantart, and @samdrawsstuff on instagram.

Elizabeth and Booker Dewitt (Bioshock: Infinite)


Great costumes guys, did you make them yourselves?
Booker: Part of it was bought, and other parts I customised myself

And what made you choose these costumes?
Booker: We just love the games so much. Love the story, it’s such a great continuation of the last Bioshock games.

Is this the first time you’ve come as these two?
Booker: We came as these in May. There was also two people dress as the Lutece Twins walking around then as well, so that was fun.

Elizabeth: We usually like to come as a pair, it just adds to it, i think.

Have you guys gone to many conventions before?
Elizabeth: I’ve been going since I was about 14, and now I’m 20

And why do you keep coming back?
Booker: It’s just fun, there’s lots of people with similar interests.

Elizabeth: Everyone’s accepted, they’re here to have fun. I might a lot of my friends here… it’s probably a happier place than Disney Land!

To see more of their art go to Booker’s deviantart and Elizabeth’s deviantart.

The Cast of Metal Gear Solid

2013-10-26 14.14.03

It’s great to see a large group of cosplayers, did you guys all make these yourselves?
Most of it we made ourselves. The jackets and grenades we made, and some other things we modified, like the boots and stuff.

Do you guys always dress as the Metal Gear crew?
Liquid Snake (Second from the right): I always cosplay Metal Gear Solid, and meet up with others who want to as well. We actually just met up with people from Konami, who did a photoshoot with us that will be going on their website.

What brings you back to Comic Con every time?
It’s the people that you meet, and the different things that you do around here. Meeting new people and people you’ve spoken to on facebook, and having fun with people you already know.

To see more go to Cosplayers Without Borders on Facebook.

Dante and Nero (Devil May Cry)


Great costumes guys, did you make them yourselves?
Yeah, we did actually. Customised most of the clothes, and these swords actually started up as chunks of wood.

I assume this isn’t your first convention?
No, we’re been going for the last few years now.

Do you always go as Dante and Nero?
No, it’s our first time as these two.

Who else have you cosplayed as?
Dante: I’ve done Ace from One Piece and Gray from Fairytail

Nero: I’ve done Johnny Bravo

I bet Johnny Bravo gets a lot of attention.
Nero: Yeah i put the shades and jeans on and I AM Jonny Bravo! It was a good laugh, and I do prefer cosplays that have a laugh.

And which costume has been your favourite? The Devil May Cry ones?
Yeah, these have been getting the most attention so probably these.

And why do you keep coming back to Comic Con?
Dante: It’s just the atmosphere! We’ve got a big group of around 16 friends now who come, but when I first came it was just me and another.

Where about did you meet these people, was it just down to people coming up and approaching you in the costumes?
Nero: Yeah, well I met my mate Tom from him just walking around the convention playing a guitar, and I recognised the song, called him over, and the group just grew from there.

To see more cosplaying, go to Shirtless Sasuke on Facebook, and Beach Zack on Facebook.

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