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Breathtaking trailer for ‘The Girl On The Train’ starring Emily Blunt ramps up anticipation

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The long-awaited first official trailer for The Girl On The Train was released Wednesday and it’s full of suspense and mystery, much like the best-selling novel by Paula Hawkins the movie is based on.

It was a great treat for the fans of the book when Universal Pictures dropped the teaser for the movie adaptation directed by Tate Taylor who is best known for American period drama film The Help.

Following the immense success of the novel, it has been deemed one of the most anticipated movies to be released this year since the film began production last November.


The powerful two-minute trailer alternates between Emily Blunt who plays Rachel, a disheveled and tired-looking alcoholic divorcee, and Blond-haired Megan, played by American actress Haley Bennett.

Tension heightens until the last second with the aid of Kanye’s appropriately much darker version of “Heartless” playing in the background.


the mystery unravels as Rachel Watson relives her memories while commuting by train

The main story revolves around Rachel who is still heavily affected by the divorce with her ex husband, and her obsession with a couple she observes on the train to work. She first believes Megan and Scott are a perfect couple she’s been fantasising, then soon learns their relationship is a far cry from perfect.

Opinions varied on the internet regarding the American setting of the movie soon after the trailer was released, considering that the original novel takes place in London. However, Paula Hawkins, the author herself, doesn’t seem too concerned.

“I’m not really concerned about the repositioning as I think it is the type of story that could take place in any commuter town,”said Paula Hawkins in an interview with the Sunday Times last year.

The movie is set in upstate New York, far away from its original setting which is London.

The movie is set in upstate New York, far away from its original setting which is London. 

Another criticism was aimed at the way Rachel looks played by Emily Blunt. Some said she is too pretty to play Rachael, a character who is portrayed as someone dealing with alcohol addiction and losing weight throughout the story.

Often compared to Gone girl, the novel The Girl On The Train has been both critically and commercially-acclaimed. It’s sold more than three million copies in the US alone and has broken a sales record in the UK by topping the hardback book chart for 20 weeks.

Since the international success of the book, the Author has also enjoyed her tv appearences including ITV’s daytime show Loose Women.


It wasn’t just by the general public, however, that the book was well received. One of the literary greats such as Stephen King also backs the book, saying the book kept him up most of the night and the alcoholic narrator was ‘dead perfect.’

The Girl On The Train is set to hit UK cinemas on 7 October.

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