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Boat Parties and Beats: The Life of APM DJ

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Do you like to experiment with music and want to spin discs for a living? APM DJ aka 25 year old Alberto from Spain told Youth Arts Online everything about life as a techno-electro DJ and how you can start your journey to become one.

Since arriving in London in 2004 he hasn’t stopped producing and playing beats. Alberto loves seeing how people enjoy his music and organise events where he can play music and earn some money to makes his life. ‘I can’t explain how good I feel when I’m playing music, when I see how people enjoy and dance with it.’


When Alberto gigs at a party or event he has to think about a lot of things before choosing the music that he is going to play. His track list depends on the venue, people, and vibe of the event whilst being on top of the tunes currently hitting the charts. Alberto pumps out tunes as the DJ of a floating party, aboard a Spanish themed boat.

Alberto became APM DJ because of his love of Trance, Hard House and Dance music which he believes can channel his feelings. He is currently bouncing all across London playing Spanish beats, his personal mixes and own produced music.

Alberto advises that making a name for yourself as a DJ can start in your bedroom with music edit programs such as Ableton Live. Accessing music production online and sharing it through social media and soundcloud can be the beginning of your music career.

Check out APM DJ’s latest mixes.

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