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You Can’t Beat Hanging with Daniel

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World music is so wide that it never could stop to impress us. We can find loads of artists and instruments really interesting. One example is the ‘Hang Drum’. Have you ever listened to it? Daniel Waples is an independent musician who knows all about this exotic instrument.

The Hang is a percussion instrument made from steel. It is composed in two parts and to play it you need just your hands and fingers. Daniel is a professional doing it. Born in London, he started to play as a professional at the age of 11, in a World Class Military Marching Band. He first encountered the Hang when he was 21 at a festival in Lincolnshire.

After some time working and improving his technique he acquired his first Hang Drum in 2006, when he went to the HangBau House in Switzerland. Since that moment, he has been travelling around the world showing the Hang Drum and his music.

When Daniel plays, his objective is to produce smiles and transmit to the people a relaxing feeling. He wants to promote his passion about the art of the music. When you listen to  the Hang, you can feel your stress dissolve.

If you want to follow Daniel you can visit his website and like him on Facebook


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