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The BBC Writersroom is Now Open

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bbc-writersroomThe BBC have opened up their small window of opportunity for submissions as apart of this year’s Writersroom. Every year the BBC invites writers (16+) from the UK to send in their best script ideas for film, TV drama, TV Comedy, radio drama, radio comedy, children’s drama, children’s comedy, and stage plays. The BBC script room will read through all of the submissions, offering feedback, support and more to the most promising scripts. This an ideal way for young and up and coming writers to get their unsolicited material into the hands on professionals. Ideally the BBC are looking for ready scripts with original voices and compelling stories to tell. They want scripts from the best new writers to hopefully be further developed towards production. This is opportunity to get your work out in the industry and seen, but it’s not guaranteed for production.

Make sure your scripts are the best quality they can be and formatted correctly before sending them out. You only have 1 chance to send in 1 script. The deadline for submissions is December 16 2014.

One Response to The BBC Writersroom is Now Open

  1. Sandra L 21st March 2014 at 19:48


    I have a question, couldn’t find it in the FAQ. I’m French and I’m planning to live in London.

    Can we send animation film scripts as children’s comedy and drama?

    I couldn’t see anything about animated films.

    Thank you very much!


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