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Artist Alert! Marta “Lepomiere”

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Marta is a Spanish artist and at the ripe age of 20, she has made a name for herself through her Instagram and Tumblr. She became popular quickly, and even sells her work by doing commissions all across the world. She mostly draws people in a realistic way, practicing several different forms of both physical two-dimensional and digital art. She answers some questions below!

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1. Okay, typical question, where do you go to school and what are you studying?
I go to University in Spain and I’m studying Fine Arts – everything that involves art, from photography to charcoal.

2. When did you start making art?
I have aways been a creative person in everything I’ve done, but I’d say I started to take my ability to draw seriously when I was around 14 [years old].

3. What program(s) do you use for your digital works?
My most used digital tool is Photoshop CS5 and sometimes I use SAI Paint Tool.

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4. Do you prefer making digital art or using actual pencils and paper?
It changes all the time but I’ve been on a traditional streak for quite a long time now. Nothing beats the feeling of controlling what you do with a pencil.

5. You say your muse is Harry Styles, are there any other people (can be non-famous) that you draw frequently?
This year I’ve had many assignments about drawing whatever and whoever is around me, so I’ve discovered my sister is a great model and can take long posing sessions. I’ve used her face for many personal projects.

6. How do you feel about using social media as a platform for promoting your work?
I think it’s key to spreading your art. Nowadays artists make a living through the Internet since that’s where exposure is right now. You don’t need to go to a certain gallery or buy a specific magazine to get to see amazing amateur and professional art. I personally have sold way more pieces in the US or Australia that I have in Spain, and it’s all thanks to social media and people seeing my work.

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7. Is there a particular media that you are enjoying?
I’ve tried pastels for the very first time today and I really enjoyed them! Lately it’s been all about charcoal and coloured pencils for me, which are my favourite techniques. I’ve also discovered encaustic painting and it’s a lot of fun!

8. How do you find inspiration? What artists inspire you?
Inspiration comes everywhere and mostly working. Normally it’s other people’s artwork that I come across that inspires me and makes me think “this might be interesting to try”. My favourite artist ever is Joaquín Sorolla, a spanish painter from the early XX century. He understands light, he just does. I can spend hours looking at his paintings in museums.

9. What are your future plans after you finish school?
I have no plans for now. I would like to study my master’s degree abroad, and other than that I’m trying not to worry too much about the future and learn as much as I can today because you never know where life could take you but any ability that you develop will always work in your favour. The perfect situation would be to live off my paintings, but that’s a bit far in the future for now!

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