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Artist Alert – Charlotte Campbell

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Charlotte Campbell, a young 18-year-old musician, has been busking at Tube stations around London for about three years. She wakes up in the early morning hours to sing and play her guitar to early commuters. Through busking, which is what the British call it, she has been able to gain a fan base and has two albums. Both of these are available on iTunes. What is likeable about Campbell’s music is that her songs are bright and cheery, something to listen to when you need a pick-me-up. Her first album was crowd-funded from her popularity. She is also benefitting from a social network and digital toolkit, which supports buskers, through The Busking Project. Through this technology, she has been able to set up a way to support buskers all over the group. People who pass by are able to make cashless payments to Campbell, which has helped her in more ways than one.

Campbell continues busking as a full-time ‘job’ as she also performs at local gigs such as The Enterprise in Camden on the 15 of May. She also will be traveling around in Nashville, TN in the United States between the 16 and 29 of April. She has been busy after spending years of studying at prestigious London music schools, which include the BRIT School and the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. But she has always wanted to interact with people and reach them in a unique way. For her, this is music. This is something that both Ed Sheeran and Cheryl Crow have started off doing before they became a big hit.

Charlotte likes to post her videos to YouTube and virtually reach others through the internet, like many others do. She puts up her own original music and also does several covers. Check out some of her stuff here and here. She has made a name for herself and became popular very quickly and she’s taken advantage of this opportunity, in this day and age, to put herself out there. She has her own website and Twitter account, both are linked below.





I would highly recommend Charlotte Campbell to anyone because she has the type of music that is enjoyable for all ages. She is very relatable and seems down-to-earth. If you cannot make one of her gigs, just keep your eye out by a local Tube station, and she might be there.

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