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The Art of Goffin

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Hasmine Goffin is a 24 year old artist of English and Philippino heritage. The concept of her art it is to create a world where beauty it is not necessary. ‘My characters represent their own beauty. Being beautiful it is not about hiding under layers of make up. Beauty to me is hidden underneath the skin.’

Since she was a little girl, Hasmine has wanted to become an artist. ‘When I was four, I told my dad I wanted to be a cartoonist after reading a Tom & Jerry comic book’.

Last year Hasmine went to Italy on a European programme to work which gave her, ‘time to think, make choices and focus on my work’

Hasmine uses collage as the tool that helps her illustrate what she sees. Her artwork is created by using magazine cut outs, illustrations on top with watercolours or pen and ink. ‘I think the horror films I watched during University influenced my work, helping me to create something different but playful.’


Her media illustrations talk about an imaginary world. She takes inspiration from her childhood memories when she left the Philippines and came to London. ‘Whilst I was growing up I was a quiet girl, all my friends were in the Philippines so I used to create my own world using my toys’. Even when she was not aware of it, she was already creating her own idea of beauty. ‘I had this imaginary friend name Beast, it was quite ugly for today’s society standards but we used to have these amazing adventures together.’

Life is not the fairy tale she imagined as a child so she likes to create her own in every illustration she makes. ‘My work takes the shape of a fairytale but I like to do it in my personal way and change the viewer’s way of looking at something.’ Animals also play an important role in her work. ‘I have this fascination with animals and I think it is because I was not allowed to have pets as a child.’

As she uses the concept of dreams and nightmares, sometimes her disfigured fairy tales might seem a bit scary but fear it is no the purpose of her work. ‘The characters that I create are friendly. I dislike creating something with a negative energy. Goffin’s Art is nightmarish but with a friendly approach’.


Hasmine would like to have a serious career in art. ‘In ten years time I hope to see myself in Paris, in my own gallery, supporting new talented artists and drinking wine!’

Hasmine has managed to create her own world. With her works she share with us a fairy tale where beauty does not oppress but takes us to our dreams and childish memories.

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