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Art in your Jewellery with Hannah Upritchard

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Hannah originally from New Zealand, now lives in London and makes rings. She started up this hobby out of a funny and unusual situation. Six years ago, she asked her boyfriend to marry her and he said yes, but he didn’t have a ring to give her. She then looked around and spontaneously made ‘an engagement band with “diamonds” that I found all over the streets of Hackney. That was the first ring that I have ever made and I had a great time doing it.’ After that, she hasn’t stopped.

Hannah is an example of ‘if you want to do something you just have to try it.’ She didn’t have any training she uses ‘techniques that I’ve invented, misinterpreted or adapted. My approach is completely different to that of a traditional jeweller so I end up with unexpected results.’

We can see the influence of her love for Egyptian craft in her designs. ‘Their aesthetic is really warm and friendly and I think that’s something that I aspire to.’


The main material she uses is wax. Her rings made ‘out of a soft wax that would hold their fingerprints.’ With this method, people can ‘carry a little bit of each other with them everywhere they go.’

Hannah considers herself lucky for being able to make her living by doing what she loves. Occasionally she also works as an art assistant. She hopes that in the future ‘people continue to be interested and encouraging about my work’ and she says ‘the most important thing is to keep having fun and really enjoying what I do. It doesn’t matter if you have another job as long as you let your art to develop.’

To learn how to make rings, Hannah has created a tutorial blog.

To see her full collection and keep up to date with her developments visit her website and like her on Facebook.

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