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Are You a Bedroom Music Producer? Electro Call Records Need Your Skills

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This year, until 30 December 2013, the record label Electro Call Records is inviting young electronic music producers and bedroom producers the fantastic opportunity to release their own music on iTunes, as well as 50 other online stores.

Electro Call Records – a company originally based in Dublin, Ireland – is a recording company who’s dedicated itself to old American retro culture in their style and genre. They bring back the 80’s disco feel into the music that they produce and publish, by using Drum and Bass beats along with some exciting Dubstep rhythms. Keeping the 80’s tradition with flowery t-shirts, bikinis and aviator sunglasses in their album covers, ECR has helped many aspiring electro musicians to produce their work and introduce them to the world of music.

General manager Froggy D is looking for young electro musicians who have a passion for music and are fully committed to create a career in the music industry, and using this great opportunity could be the first step!

For more information about Electro Call Records, visit their Facebook page.

You can also check out some of Froggy D’s beats, as well as all the other musicians belonging to Electro Call Records on their soundcloud.

If you’re interested in applying, send ECR a link to your music either on their Facebook or by contacting them directly.

Good luck to all candidates!

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