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Ann Marie Mays – The Transformer of Faces

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Many people think that TV and film make up is just a few brush strokes and a wee bit of plucking of the eye brows, as it happens, whether it’s horror movies or fantasy, it’s the make up design that gives an actor his/her polished and preened look. But in the case of your favourite horror, sci-fi, fantasy movies, hair and make up design play an important part in any film making process and a lot of the ghosts, ghouls and realistic battle scar’s you’ve seen on the big screen are done by skilled make up artists.

So if your old folks told you that fake blood is ketchup or that luscious head of hair on Tom Cruise was his own, introduce them to one up and coming make up artist, Ann Marie Mays. Whether it’s zombies, vampires, a hairpiece the size of a tree or an Egyptian princess, Ann Marie has dedicated her creative enthusiasm to giving audiences striking images through her designs.

Ann Marie graduated with a first class degree from London College of Fashion and is now building her portfolio.

Her website displays some of her excellent work and not just the vampires and zombies mind! There’s room for some elegant  beauty make up and some historic period designs. So if an actress needs to look like she dolls herself up in the 40’s or in the case of An Egyptian princess – gold up! – Ann Marie Mays will put her extensive homework to good use.

Ann Marie Mays demonstrates film make up application

Ann Marie took part in a stage production called Terra Nova at the Incognita Theatre, about Captain Scott’s daring adventure to the North Pole and she needed to replicate some actual frost bite and gangrene. She even took part in a special event at the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations where she applied make up to participants dressing up as different queens from around the globe and through history.

Next time you grab your make up in the morning, think of the opportunities…

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