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Andrew Aird’s Art

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‘Art is a Language through which we can communicate and express ourselves in a more permanent form than words, which often are merely temporary and once spoken become quickly forgotten.’


Andrew Aird has been painting since he was six years old. When Andrew paints he wants to share his personal experiences or opinions about important events. He speaks about the things that he lives day by day. He shows to us people and expresses how he sees them. Sometimes he gives us hidden messages, so that sometimes you have to analyze his work more deeply.

As you can see in his pictures Andrew is interested in the human form and in particular portraits. He is currently studying for a degree in Fine Art in an Art School in London. He is aware of the difficulties of the art world, but he never gives up because ‘all of us have something valuable, important to share with the world.’ To make a living as an artist is not easy and he hopes that ‘one day the art will make enough to live off,’ but at the moment he does carpentry work to pay the bills, and in his free time he paint at home, where he has a studio.

His advice is that ‘art is a language, a fluid method of emotional expression and there is no right or wrong way to say how you feel, only you can decide this. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to produce “original” or competitive work. Real Artists don’t compete, they support and encourage one another, they inspire one another.’

Check out more of Andrew’s work on his website

Patricia Zamora


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