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The Nature of Nude with Anabel Navarro

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“I always try to express myself so sometimes depends on my mood. But I think in my pictures there are feelings that I try to show in my images over and over, which is like freedom or courage.”

Today we welcome Anabel Navarro, a 25 years old photographer from Spain, to go in depth about her photography and how she captures the human figure. Anabel has always had an interest in photography, despite having studied law.


“I take pictures of everything and everyone because I’m obsessed with keeping the moments I see.”

She sets aside her educational background to devote herself entirely to photography. She started using her skills in the fashion world and her hometown, Valencia, where she worked for several modelling agencies. She went on to take photos and videos for bands and later moved to Coimbra, Portugal, where she started to collaborate for Vice Magazine.

Living in London for over two years, she continues to find herself immersed in the fashion world, portraying designers like Emilio de la Morena. While continuing her personal work, she beings to explore nudity, and being ‘naked’ is seen in a natural way.


Her Craft
Although we live in a time where everything is flooded with technology, Anabel Navarro opts for the old analogue camera. From her point of view the colour and texture is achieved by using an old camera that brings something different, which is not accomplished with modern cameras.

“I used a compact digital camera to photograph my friends, trips and parties but when I took photography seriously, I realised that I dislike the digital colour and texture. I took my father’s old analogue reflex camera and wasted a lot of rolls finding out how works!”


She finds inspiration from everything she experiences. Including music, film, theatre, and even different cultures and religion. She takes in as much world experiences as she can in order to translate that through her art and capture .

“I have so many and different inspirations that you won’t believe! From old movies including Disney films, jazz, ballet, the sixties, the seventies, the history, ways of life like the Mongols, the eco-villages, Buddhism and so on. I think my mind keeps a bit of everything that I’ve seen and mix it up to convert into ideas.”


Her Approach
“Some of the most important artists to me was Peter Lindbergh and his documentary. I realised I really want to do something across them lines. Helmut Newton taught me to see the human body as, a sculptures, Lina Scheynius opened my mind to another kind of photography.”

I try to express things within my pictures such as, create a story or a feeling. For example with my personal work I just try to capture all the simple but nice things. I love the fact of walking with open eyes and portray insignificant things that most people don’t see. It’s almost like saying, ‘hey, outside there are amazing things happening, move your ass’! Perhaps I have the Amelie’s Trauma! Haha.”

Nudity in Photography
Anabel often uses her photography to capture the naked human form. She believes that the naked body represents the inherent human expression of freedom. “I would like people to see a naked body and understand it as something pure and with no shame!”She tries to use nudity as something natural, relying heavily on the relationship with the landscape or the light.


“There is nothing better than swimming naked on the sea! Also I love the way fashion creates a branch and uses this as an expression too. This is why my personal work uses a lot of nude, because the clothes can express a lot by it self. Clothes have an important part of the picture, which focuses on the attention contained in the photo.”

Advice for the Future
We asked Anabel to give some advice to any up and coming aspiring photographers. She makes use of multiple social media outlets to have her artwork seen. “Social media has a good part because it is easier to know what people around the world are doing. This makes it easier to find inspiration or new photographic trends and enables me to show my work.”

Ultimately, she says to continue working and to not be discouraged. Practice makes perfect, and you must learn from your mistakes. “Keep trying, take bad pictures and learn from it to improve! I just hope I settle down and I don’t know where or doing what, but hopefully in a sunny city doing something that I like!”

To follow Anabel’s progress, make sure to follow her tumblr, vimeo, and flickr.

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