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Triple Threat: This is Alize Biannic

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Born in Brittany in France, 23 year old Alize Biannic is an intensely passionate and professional actress, model and dancer.

Alize is clearly driven and forward thinking, her CV is jam packed with commercials, musicals and appearing in music videos. She has worked with artists as diverse as The Kray Twinz and Gospel singer Rebecca.

Alize, who currently lives in London, pursued her love of dance at an early age and was enrolled at the esteemed Paris Opera from the age of ten, the perfect platform to teach her the discipline and pursuit of grace to commit to a career in the arts.

Of all her talents, her coup de grace is her poised dance ability, a skill that looks naturally endowed when she gets her ballet shoes on.

She has performed in huge stage shows like Beauty and the Beast at The Royal Ballet as well as the timeless Christmas favourite The Nutcracker.

As far as acting goes Alize enjoys a healthy balance between projects that make use of her physical abilities and her more fragile emotive expression.

Experimental art films attract Alize including the likes of independent short films Mundane Morning and Little White Lies.

And as art is what we strive for, Alize Biannic’s well rounded combination of freethinking and energy will surely set her the stage she craves.

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