Alex Keating puts the Sinister in to Serenity

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Alex Keating Art delves in to the depths of the surreal in his collection of striking prints. Starting life as a sketch, Alex’s striking works are transformed through digital software to achieve his recognisable style.

Inspired by Salvador Dali, Jason Brooks and ‘everyday encounters’ Alex developed his unique style by experimenting with surrealism using variations of shades of grey and black.

Using the power of UV to highlight his work at the ‘Designer and Tomorrow’ exhibition, members of the public were able to interact with his pieces on a grand scale.

Alex believes when creating art ‘it is easy to replicate what you have already done… If you produce something new and exciting it will stand out from the crowd. Good artwork will always draw attention.’

Alex is currently working on a new set of images using ‘cloud-like textures’ that outline creatures. Three pieces of this collection have already been produced; Serene Shark, Iguana and Crocodile.


To see more of Leeds based artist Alex Keating, visit his website or facebook page to keep updated about his exhibitions and new work.

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