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Album Review: Matt Corby’s Telluric

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Telluric: of the earth as a plant

With warm weather and music festival season right around the corner, Matt Corby’s debut album, Telluric, is the prefect soundtrack for a laid-back afternoon of baking in the sunshine of Tennessee’s Bonnaroo, California’s Coachella, or even one’s own backyard. With dreamy, rhythmic croons and hints of bluesy jazz elements complimented by guitar work that soothes every corner of the mind, Telluric is a soulful cry to the complexities of love and life.

Some of the album’s notable highlights, both musically and lyrically, include the first single “Monday” with its strength coming from the pulsating beat and rhythm. Every sound heard in “Monday” was created by Corby from the stomps and taps to the instrumentation. Lyrically, “Monday” leaves the listener with the powerfully repeated line: “Oh, I was never lost, I only chose to never go home”. With the rest of the song, as well as album, seemingly existing somewhere in Corby’s far-out headspace, it is unclear whether he is referring to the nomadic lifestyle of musicianship or his ability to resist losing himself to the depths of his mentality.

Likewise to “Monday”, the additional album standout, “Knife Edge”, seeks to lyrically exemplify some of the many emotional dichotomies present in love and lust. Corby begins with stating “I get angry at myself for trying to impress you”, but then continues into the chorus with “You know my worry only comes from wanting more from you” and eventually, “The love is loving on and on and on…I love that I can say I wouldn’t be this way without you”. In expressing the varied feelings that comes with love, “Knife Edge” becomes more relatable and down to earth than traditional love songs.


Matt Corby

Corby, an Australian-based indie singer/songwriter had his first claim to fame in finishing runner-up on Australian Idol when he was 16. Since then, he’s released a handful of EPs that have produced hits like “Brother” and “Resolution”. Telluric was released on March 11th and has already received rave reviews throughout Australia, Europe, and the United States. In an interview with The West Australian, Corby commented on his album in saying:

“We’re all tellurian, we’re all terrestrial, we all stem from this Earth intelligence. And it is intelligent, the s… it produces is incredible and it’s what sustains our life and everything else here. I need to hear that sometimes, for sure. I get caught up in my own stuff, when I’m just a little ant kicking around thinking I’ve got intelligent ideas. But that’s just the extent of what we know.”

For more on Matt Corby, visit his website, follow him on twitter, and pick up Telluric on iTunes. To get a taste of Corby’s music style and sound, take a look at a live performance of “Monday”.

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