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Aid: The Other Side of Hip Hop

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From Galicia, Spain, Aid has hit the Hip Hop scene in a whole new way. When she was 12 the film 8 Miles starring Eminem came out in cinemas. ‘I got attracted to this kind of music after watching the film but I had been writing poetry before that and I was always interested in painting.’  This is not where her interests end. She also writes short stories, helps managing a ‘black music’ show on the radio, runs the educational platform ‘Creando hip hop’ (Creating hip hop) and she does all of this while studying a degree in telecommunications engineering. ‘I like to try everything I find interesting. I don’t want to focus only on singing, I want to keep on doing everything I like.’

In 2008 at just 18 she won the Heineken Green Space contest becoming the first rap and youngest artist in doing so. She considers this to be the highlight of her career because it enabled her to record her first professional album Jugando (Playing). However, being so young, and being a female rapper in Spain is hard. ‘There is not much of a rap industry in Spain and unfortunately, there are more men than women in it. There is less competition for me but at the same time there are less chances to learn.’

In Spain hip hop is still an emerging culture. ‘For Spanish people rap has very bad connotations. They think of the gangsta image that the commercial hip hop from the USA shows.’ Aid formed ‘Creating HipHop’, an initiative that organises workshops in schools and cultural spaces to showcase the positivity of hip hop culture to young people. ‘I tell them that hip hop is about being yourself. Your lyrics reflect how you feel and who you are. If you are good, your rap will talk about good things too.’

Aid considers the option of leaving Spain and going somewhere else to continue growing personally and professionally. ‘Here if you say you are an artist they think you are wasting your time but in other countries people take you seriously.’ One of the places she would like to go is Brazil because of the language familiarity. ‘In Galicia we speak Galician which is close to Portuguese so I feel comfortable with this language.’ Using her mother tongue is important and natural for her. Aid has collaborated with a book editorial house in Galicia to compose rap music for the text of some of the most famous Galician poets. ‘Sometimes we give more value to the things we don’t have than to the ones we owe. Galician is my language and I am proud of it.’

In the upcoming months she will release her new album and will be touring around Spain. However, she does not close any doors, ‘I want to continue learning in every aspect of my life so that I can make the best decisions. I hope to nourish myself of everything that surrounds me and life will take its own path’.

Despite of her young age Aid has come this far with a solid head on her shoulders. For sure this young talented artist will have a bright future in anything she undertakes.

Keep in tune with Aid through her website.


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