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Adele Concert Review: Broken Basses and Booming Ballads

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Tour t-shirt and slips of personalised confetti.

On Monday, March 21st, Adele took to the O2 stage for another night of the London leg of her European tour. Monday was her fifth consecutive performance at the O2 and she had high hopes for the crowd during the show, “Five is my lucky number; I was born on the fifth of the fifth, my name has five letters in it, and I fell in love and settled down with my fifth boyfriend. This is my fifth show at the O2, so it better be the best show of my life.” The audience has equally high hopes for Adele, who did not fail to deliver.

Adele’s high-impact setlist began with her first single off 25, “Hello”, as she rose from an underground platform onto a small stage mid-arena. Set to the backdrop of her closed eyes with the signature winged eyeliner, Adele’s voice rang through the arena with a bold power that can only be experienced live. As she sang, she made her way from the mid-platform up to the main stage, waving at fans along the way. Not a single audience member was seated as the song’s final falsettos rang through the room.

Adele was accompanied by a full band with strings and backup singers.

From “Hello”, Adele went back to some classics with “Hometown Glory”, sung to the backdrop of London’s iconic landmarks, and “Rumour Has It”. In between each song, she managed to fill the silence with hilariously witty banter and heartwarming fan interactions. Many audience members were brought on stage for selfies, and one girl was invited to sing with Adele in honour of her 16th birthday. Among the heartwarming moments of the show was Adele’s endearing tribute to her son in “Sweetest Devotion”. However, not everything was flawless during the show. At one point, during an acoustic portion of the performance, a mishap caused the upright bass to fall and shatter. Brushing it off with a loud, boisterous laugh, Adele signed a piece of the broken bass and gave it to a fan before continuing on as if nothing had happened.


Adele will continue to don the beautifully custom, hand-embroidered Burberry gown for the duration of her world tour.

To accompany the broken bass, more great highlights include the curtains of rain that surrounded her during the penultimate “Set Fire to the Rain” and her massive three-song encore that paid tribute to her past and present with “When We Were Young” and “Rolling in the Deep”. As the final notes were hit, millions of pieces of confetti rained down upon the audience with personalised messages and lyrics written by Adele herself. Overall, the night was a triumph of a meditation of love, loss, and music’s place within it all. Throughout the two-hour show, Adele proved again and again to be the rare kind of artist whose talent simply cannot be done justice on an album. No matter how good she may sound in a recording studio, she is a million times better as a live performer. Her voice has the strength to completely fill a room with warmth and a strength that is indescribable. There is no doubt that Adele’s future and career have nowhere to go but up.

Adele is set to perform two more times at the O2 in April. For more information and tickets, visit her website.


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