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Abel Raise the Cain

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Self proclaimed ‘post rock influenced indie pop’ this alternative band produces indie rock songs with epic sound. The Teesside born band consists of Adam Hicks, Gary Murray, Ash Walker, Richard Boden, Steven Wilson, and Sean Crichton. Inspired by the likes of Coldplay and Sigur Ros, Abel Raise the Cain offers inspirational music that is filled with emotion and anticipation. It’s impossible not to feel something when listening to their single Too Late that was recently released online.

Despite the band having only been together for under a year, they are working hard at producing music that embodies power both instrumentally and lyrically. The band’s name is also associated with the concept of power, inspired by the biblical story about Abel and Cain. Of their title, they stated:

‘We were interested and intrigued about the “power” of religion and the hold that it has over people, Abel Raise The Cain is a play on words surrounding a story from the bible, Cain and Abel were the sons of Adam and Eve, Cain murdered his brother Abel in a jealous rage making Cain the first murderer and Abel the first murder victim in mankind’s history, God punished Cain by “marking him”  with a curse which meant that he could never be killed or die, and is still by all accounts walking the earth today. It’s a story that interested us and it ultimately inspired our name.’

Though their single Too Late will not be available to purchase until later this month, it is available to listen to online.  The song starts with a few notes on the piano, slowly building into a harmonic burst of sound. When asked what the single is about the band said:

Too Late is about time moving quickly, things changing, things not being the same, and not being able to come to terms with it, it’s about a nostalgic view of the past, being scared about the future, and about being somewhere like a point in your life or a decision in your head but being there Too Late to make a change, it’s about two people who have been in the same place but at different times.’

The song captures the feeling of missing out on something and wishing you could go back in time and change your past. The firing tempo makes the listener wan to jump into action, whatever that event or decision may be that they regret.

Abel Raise the Cain is currently launching the release of their first singles Too Late and The Promise. Both songs will be available on iTunes, bandcamp, and CD.

They have a lot of material in store including upcoming gigs. Keep in tune by liking them on Facebook

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