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Abe Buckoke or the Example of Self Motivation

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Abe Buckoke is a 19 year old Actor and Film-maker from London who has been making films since he was ten.

Abe’s Ten year old self joined The Otherwise Club, a home educated club where kids can do any activity they like. Here he learned how to animate which began his journey as a film maker. ‘I found animation was great but at the club some people were learning slowly so I started to write scripts and to make my own films at home.’

At present, Abe has created roughly 30 animated and live action films. ‘I consider most of these works to be “tests”…They are like expressionist paintings. I never planned what I was shooting, I was just putting things together along the way.’

Abe has tried out almost all of the disciplines in film-making but identifies most with writing and acting roles. ‘I think everyone should try different roles to become a good professional. I enjoy the technical part but it stresses me out! I prefer the creative side.’ In fact, he now wants to focus on becoming an actor. After taking a summer course on the Haymarket Academy, he formed a theatre group with other young actors and they performed on stage. ‘It was an exceptional experience, when you are in an acting class you are “pretending” you are an actor but doing it in front of the audience is the real thing. You can tell if they are liking it or not.’

Abe considers ‘Claude and the Dragon’, which he directed, animated and performed when he was 17, to be his first professional film and the turning point in his career so far. ‘It was the first time I planned the whole process by making story boards. This gave the film a clear structure and made me be a better film maker in the process.’ He made this film as a school project and it has since been featured at many festivals.

Recently Abe won the Audience Award at the Flipside Youth Film Festival 2013. On the back of this win he has invested in buying equipment. ‘I got into making acting masks so I bought a mannequin to help me create them.’ This is where the inspiration for his second professional film, ‘Mannequin Man’, came from. ‘When I saw the mannequin I fell in love with it. I thought it was the idea men have of beauty. It was muscled, it had no spots on its face… A cold perfection.’


Abe takes inspiration from the Czech director and animator Jan Svankmajer, who he dreams to work with in the future. ‘I want people to see my films and go: Oh yeah, that is interesting. I think within the fictional we can get a perspective of what reality is and how magical and crazy it can get and finding who we are’.

In ten years time Abe would like to be a film and TV actor and eventually direct. ‘If you say ‘I’ll try, you are apologizing for not doing it. You have to believe it’s going to happen. Just say I’ll do it’. For the moment, he is awaiting to start at the Royal Central School Of Speech And Drama this September while his latest film ‘Mannequin Man’ is currently entered in the Virgin Shorts Competition. We wish him the best of luck!

To contact Abe for more information about his work say hello [email protected]

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