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’90s Pop Culture Becomes Fine Art

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Young artist Morgan Blair’s work is immediately captivating – crazy designs and patterns that scream ‘LOUD!’ whether they’re in black and white or an array of neon. Based in New York, she creates prints as well as murals and hosts a collection of paintings of popular ‘90s sitcom Seinfield. Read on to find out more about Morgan and her ideas on collaborative sweatshirts.

When would you say your passion for art began?
When I was a little kid. I don’t remember a specific moment or experience, just that it was always my favourite thing.

Who has been your biggest inspiration and influence?
Maya Hayuk. We are great friends now, but I have been an admirer of her work and career for a long time!


What is the most challenging part of your work?
Making decisions. Striking a balance between free, spontaneous choices and calculated choices about how a piece should unfold. Turning a concept into a composition, or a composition into a concept.

So much of your art is so bright and engaging because of the colours you work with – would you say your art is reflective of who you are as a person?
I don’t see how it could not reflect myself as a person. I’m not sure how to break it down, but I’m sure all the different parts of any artist’s personality are in his or her work.


Why Seinfeld?
I was looking for a visual jumping off point for some new, looser work. I am a huge fan of the show and liked the idea of looking at it in a new way, finding weird paintings in there between all the pictures we’re used to seeing of their faces. I also thought it would be funny to make kind of serious, painterly images of such a well-known staple of 90s pop culture.

Of the work you’ve produced, which piece do you consider your favourite?
I’m not sure. What I like and dislike in my own work is always shifting. Maybe my favourite thing right now is the mural I did on the gate of Silent Barn this summer.


Is there anyone you model yourself after as an artist or anyone in particular you’d like to work with?
I admire all different qualities in lots of my friends and people I know of and whose work I follow, and I probably subconsciously aspire towards a variety of those qualities. I’d like to work with a whole slew of artists. I think it would be cool to make a collaborative sweatshirt or sweater with a bunch of different artists. Each person would add something on to the shirt before mailing it on to the next person. That might happen.

Where do you hope to be in the future and how will you get there?
It makes me anxious to plan into the future with specific long-term goals and ways mapped out of getting there. I am often tight and obsessive with my work, but the opposite with the trajectory of my life. In both, I tend to have a small-scale sort of outlook. Accordingly, there are some near-in-the-future type projects I’d like to be further into sooner than later, including bike-frame painting. I’d like to have an airbrush soon, and be doing more murals in general.


Make sure to visit Morgan’s website to see more of her work!

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