Tari Eguruze

The 21st Century Comics Art Debate

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Don’t miss the Comics Debate this Saturday evening as apart of the Comica London International Arts Festival. Paul Gravett is joined by cutting-edge graphic novelists to present his new book ‘Comics Art’ from Tate Publishing. Guests include Gareth Brookes (The Black Project), Daniel Merlin Goodbrey (e-merl.com), Katie Green (Lighter Than My Shadow), John Miers (Babel, Score & Script) and Woodrow Phoenix (Rumble Strip).

Join Comica curator Paul Gravett, and guests, debate how the comics medium is mutating in the 21st century in print, pixels, galleries and beyond.  The Comics Art debate is being held at the 3rd Floor Gallery of Charing Cross Foyles Bookshop this Saturday at 6.15. The talk is followed by book signings by all participants. Tickets at £6 available from We Got Tickets.

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